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Vibes n Vinyl

Ray PrasadGene King


Time : 9:00 pm - 11:00pm est

DJs Gene King & Ray Prasad take you on a journey that exposes the soulful side of today’s & yesterday’s underground music.

Not just another house  show, vibes n vinyl brings you exclusive interviews & spotlights about your favourate producers,artists & djs around the world .

From its inception in 1996 on CKLN, vibes n vinyl has played host to many djs and artists locally and around the word, names like Frankie Knuckles, Bassment Jaxx, Satoshie Tomeii, Byron Stingly, Lil’louis, Barbera Tucker, Ultra Nate, Roland Clark, Glenn Undergound, Mousse T to name a few, have either dropped by or had chat with Gene and Ray .

This editon of v n v is one of vnv’s new ventures into cyberworld and the future while keeping the traditional vibe of the show. Gene and ray are now here every monday from 9pm -11pm for your dancing pleasure...

Vibes n Vinyl …in ya face!!!!!!!!!


Vol 26
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