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Wednesday, 25 August 2010 13:37


Someone that believes more than most, in the power of bringing people together to share and experience music for all the right reasons. An individual that strives to create a party atmosphere with the right music, his friends (everyone that parties to His music automatically bonds with Him in a special way) and the radiant energy that the combination of the two elements brings out. A Character that doesn’t follow rules and believes in independence of the soul & the development of the personality through music.

"Music is my life… My passion…The air I breathe, what keeps me alive.” He says and if you ever witnessed one of his sets you can easily agree that his words and actions go together. "In order for people to connect with that feeling they have to strip down what they believed so far and keep an open mind”… Then they can reach that level of fulfillingness through music (that is far more esoterical than the ordinary "clubbing experience”), and a "Peace of mind”.

Choosing music unbiased to any form, based on what raises His energy, and supporting everything that gets an awesome floor reaction, he keeps his track selection always with tunes that are none better than the other. "Musical diversity is important as crowds can vary in so many different ways (age, sex, musical background and social attributes are only a few of the many factors to take under consideration)… I never understood why I had to play one specific style of music when there’s great music in every Genre” He states and that’s another declaration of his uncompromising view on music…”In my parties, it’s not about me…it’s not about the D.J. (Ego is always a bad advisor) It’s about the music and about sharing the feelings music generates.”