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Saturday, 17 July 2010 19:00

Double the fun

I started out buying records when I was 17 and was buying Hip Hop at the time like Erick B and Rakim, EPMD, and BDP to name a few. I had a Dual and a Pioneer turntables along with a pyramid mixer that I bought at some store on Yonge st. So I sat in my room like a lot of other Djs and just practised on these two shitty turntables which did have pitch control surprisingly enough. Then had some friends that were throwing house parties at their parents place and I was invited to spin with them. Did a few of those then got asked to doe some more parties. Started getting into house music when I went on a school trip to Chicago with my art class. We went to this all ages club called the Juice Maduessa and my first taste of Chicago house. I was 17 at the time, I bought a few tapes while I was there of compilations with the likes of Fast Eddie, Tyree Cooper, Aveda, Marshall Jefferson, and many others. When I got back I started listening to 102.1 when it was a dance station and also 107.9 with Chris Sheppards pirate radio nights and started listening to house more and more, that's when I heard lil louis' French Kiss the full version.

As years went on I started collecting different labels/artist in the early of house and techno as it became more available. I used to shop at Beats in scarborough and Starsound which then became Trax, and also Play de Record. Didn't start Djing in clubs till the mid 90's as I was working them as a busser I would get opportunities to play at some of these places like Left Bank, Atlas Bar and Grill. I met a lot of people and Djs alike and started some residencies and guest spots at places like The Beat Junkie, Up&Down, The Phoenix, Koolhaus, The Drink, Shallow Groove, Marlowe, The Living Room, Indian Motor Cycle, 606, Eau, Sotto Vocce, Sneaky Dees, The Myth, Abracabra and the ever popular after hours The Paint Shop to name a few.

I've played on C.H.I.N. radio, onegroove.com and most recently underonehouse.com. I've played with and opened up for many of my peers such as Deadly Headly, Chris Sheppard, Matt-C, DJ Gio, Dr. Trance, Joe the Chemist, Albert Assoon, Andy Roberts, St. Pete, A.M.G., Joe Marella, James K, Mitch Winthrop and as of recent David Waxman, Gene Ferris, DJ Heather , Mark Farina, Lego, Jam Lammat, and some Hedkandi's Djs David Dunne, Karl Hanaghan, Charlie Edwards, Jamie Richards, Mikey Gallagher, KC Anderson, Airloom, Steven Quarre, and Aaron Perez, and many more. Not to mention all the talent that I've played with during The BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen.