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Tuesday, 03 August 2010 00:00

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Music + Party + Drugs = FUN,

Music + Party + Drugs = SEX,

Music + Party + Drugs = FUN SEX,



Equations for thought.

Normally we hear the term Food for Thought. These equations are definitely thought provoking.

We are not in the clear of this deadly virus. In fact the times may be even scarier than those of the 80’s and 90’s when everyone was educated about the deadly HIV virus that turns eventually into the killer disease AIDS. These days’ youth think there is a one-shot remedy pill. The public awareness and education is hugely down. And the virus is rampant. I remember when the virus became first known and the public consensus stated we would all know someone with the virus within a few years, and someone who had died from the disease AIDS shortly after.  I know many people with HIV and thank goodness few that has died from AIDS. There have been medicinal treatments that are forever developing and changing, as the virus tends to mutate and outwit the medical remedy. However the good health practices of the victim such as better sleep, exercise, diet and cutting out the bad stuff seems to outweigh the efforts of the virus. Once you have the disease the outcome is slim.

Did you know one of the most popular ways to catch HIV is through cocaine use? Let me explain.. It has been reported to be safer when snorting cocaine to use a dirty bill than a plastic straw. The HIV virus can live on a plastic straw and thrive for several hours! Have you ever done a line and used a straw that someone else has used?  Would you eat someone else’s snot? If your answer is no then why are you sharing their straw? A question for thought.

This is not the common cold or a case of Herpes (which nonetheless may be in indicator of something more), this is a deadly virus that leads to a lethal disease.

Cocaine use is over rated and really out dated. It is really rare one is actually doing a good quality batch of the narcotic. Do you really know what you are putting up your nose besides your money?

Although I am not an advocate for the use of substances I understand the desire. Here is my tip for the day. Choose your substance carefully. Everyone likes a party enhancer. I suggest you don’t put your life on the line for a quick fix you won’t remember in the morning.

by P.Herrington