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Tuesday, 03 August 2010 00:00

Evanescence regroup with 'American Idol' finalistMusic Innovator & Visual Artist PIP is a breath of fresh air, the light peaking out in a climate clouded with Beyonce wannabes and Lil X mini Me’s.

PIP’s album Into the Night is filled with 12 club-banging rhythms fused with sex and sultry vocals. It’s deep house. It will make you wiggle. It will command you to dance. It will make your desires soar. At first listen it seems familiar yet unknown. Not completely mainstream but not completely underground either. After a few listens I undoubtedly knew what to think – it’s good. No it’s excellent. A few tracks to listen for are YOUR EYES, AIRWAVES, I WANT YOU, LA DI DA. Collaborations with PUSH production partner Uros, Mixed Signals Andy Roberts and Shines Records Gene King appear on Into the Night.

The video for the song I WANT YOU is directed and produced by PIP. It’s a one-woman deal. She is letting the ladies know there is only one way to take care of business. It’s tongue and cheek tone is highly entertaining all the while PIP is grinning and jiggling the entire way through the video as she manages to stay on top of the ever so distracting almost wardrobe malfunction. The boys will love this video. It is PIP Porn so to speak.

Stay tuned as PIP is taking the city by storm with live performances. Catch PIP live this August 6 with Gene K and August 7 with Jeff Kirkwood @ the TnT Downtown Night Market Festival, August 11 alongside Igor Borysov@ the Great Hall, and Aug 20 with Gene K  @ Blondie’s. PIP’s album INTO THE NIGHT is available for purchase on www.pushsound.ca. Look out for the latest release, an EP, WANTED coming out on Intelligenix.

by C.Miguel