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Tuesday, 17 August 2010 00:00
DJ Lucie TicLucie began her DJ career ten years ago with breaks, house and electro as her weapons of choice. Over time she refined her sound by incorporating a wide variety of genres to her set, including techno, minimal, classic house, disco, rock, hop hop, motown, funk/soul and pop as well as entering the world of production. Also a professional dancer, Lucie is the founder of SWAGUAR dance crew and has been active in the Toronto and Vancouver dance community for over a decade — a source of energy that also shines when behind the decks. She has played numerous out-of-town events including Seattle, Whistler, New York, and Montreal as well as a 3-month excursion DJing and dancing in Macau, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

I also throw a successful night called Sophisticated:
SOphisticated was created from a mutual love of music that plays massively on the dance floor, but maintains an essence of classic simplicity. DJs Barbi and Lucie Tic wanted to fill the void left by abrasive bass and mediocre production and decided together they would focus on quality tracks rather than whatever songs happen to be brand new at the time. SOphisticated currently achieves its goal of bringing musicianship and finesse back to the local party scene by collaborating with a variety of hair and make-up artists, fashion designers and dance crews who incorporate wacking, voguing and housing into the structure of the evening.

This elegant affair travels through a variety of rhythms, including underground disco, classic freestyle, protohouse, techno, italo, tech house, 80s boogie and real electro — basically anything that devotes more interest in making asses shake with works of class than setting a tuff vibe through shattering speakers with the latest 128k MP3 distorting its way up the blog charts.
SOphisticated also aims to include a strong female presence to the formula without approaching this mix as a novelty or gimmick. While most of the talent booked thus far has been female, the invitation to get loose as a guest DJ is also extended to men who share Barbi and Lucie's vision of delivering a high-energy and frenzied party dressed in pure elegance.

Recent gigs and residencies:
CMW Indie awards afterparty with K-OS
JOHN MALKOVICH private party
Ford Motor Company print ad shoot (DJ set)
classic house set recorded live: